Howdy. My name is Roy.

I am, all at once, a programmer, a performer, a devoted husband, and a theater owner.

I used to keep my worlds separate. The people I worked with as a programmer knew nothing of my theatre life, and when around my theatre friends, I almost never talked about programming.

But I believe that everything I do compliments and and supports everything else that I do. Being an improviser and performer has taught me flexibility, positivity, and given me the ability to perform well under pressure. Most importantly, it has taught me to be a good listener. Being a programmer and software engineer has taught me how to think logically, realistically, and to focus single-mindedly on my task. Being a theater owner taught me what it means to view things from a business perspective.

So now I give people the whole package. I’m part theatre nerd, part code-monkey, part businessman.

Which part of me do you want to talk to? I’m all ears.

Contact me at roy@janik.org

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