Tech Resume

Roy Janik – 512.638.7265
507 Sacramento Dr., Austin, TX 78704


To work on fantastic and interesting projects with postive, inspired people and organizations.


  • 15 years of programming experience, 11 of those professionally
  • Extensive experience developing and testing on teams, both small (2-3 people) and large (40+ people, in 3 different countries)
  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas


  • help develop and maintain website for The Hideout Theatre (of which I’m an owner). This includes a robust calendar and ticketing system, which has been heavily modified/updated to meet our specific needs.

Philly Improv Theater

  • developer/designer, group and actor database-driven system
    designed, developed, and tested a system for displaying theater groups, their cast members, and what shows they have coming up soon, as well as a custom interface for entering and maintaining the information. Currently up at
  • developer, custom discussion forum theming
    created, installed, and tested a custom theme for phpBB, an online discussion forum. designed theme to reflect the look of the overall website. (

L5 Software Group

  • developer, shipping and packaging system
    develop and enhance a system for shipping packages and products via UPS. Numerous enhancements to order viewing and other related work.
  • developer, Javascript-based Sign Editor
    added functionality to an online sign editor to allow for the creation and editing of templates, which are used to create new signs, such as real estate signs, advertisements, etc… (javascript, php, mysql, subversion)
  • developer, product ordering and shopping cart enhancement
    added functionality to existing shopping site to support tax-exempt purchases, history viewing, re-ordering, and printing receipts. (javascript, php, mysql)
  • developer, Database / Salesforce Integration
    wrote “glue” code in Apatar to transfer and transform data in an MS SQL database to Salesforce, for a large real estate / home building company (MS SQL, DTS packages, Salesforce, Apatar, SOQL)

Bellamy Homes

  • developer, WordPress Plugin
    designed, created, installed and tested a WordPress plugin that emails a certain address (set via the ‘edit’ page) every time a page is updated. (php, WordPress API)

IBM / Tivoli
2004-2010 Advisory Software Engineer (Band 8)
2002-2004 Staff Software Engineer (Band 7)
1999-2002 Software Engineer (Band 6)

Worked on numerous projects at IBM, both as a developer and tester. Projects included:

  • team lead/developer, Service Request Manager for TFAM
    porting Windows packages to Unix (XML, Java, scripting)
  • tester, Tivoli Foundations Service Manager
    IT Service Management on an appliance (use of testing frameworks)
  • developer, Tivoli Foundations Service Manager
    IT Service Management on an appliance (XML, Java)
  • team lead/developer, Conflict Checker
    comparing versions of database tables for upgrade compatibility
  • developer, Runbook Automation
    automating common tasks within IT services framework (XML, Jython, Maximo Workflow design)
  • developer/tester, Capacity Manager & Core PMP
    implementing the Capacity Management process of ITIL (SQL, UI creation, XML)
  • developer, Security Compliance Manager
    monitoring files, programs, etc for policy compliance (Java, networking, SQL, XML processing, design)
  • developer, Web Intrusion Detection System
    monitoring network traffic for suspicious activity (Perl, Java, scripting)
  • tester/developer, Risk Manager
    aggregates and analyzes security-related incidents (Java, scripting, network sniffing)
  • tester, Embedded Technology Java Virtual Machine
    tested embedded devices’ java applet engine for core functionality (Java, Testing Framework, scripting)


University of Texas, 2004

Master’s of Science in Computer Science

  • coursework included advanced graphics, artificial intelligence, software verification, genetic algorithms, language design, neural networks, intellectual property, and independent study
  • hosted student radio show

University of Alabama, 1999

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, magna cum laude
minor in math

  • coursework included object-oriented programming (C++/Java), data structures, logic, operating systems, algorithms, software engineering, hardware design, languages, data structures, cs ethics, functional programming (lisp)
  • hosted student radio show

ITIL v2 Certification, 2005


  • languages: Java, C/C++, C# HTML, SQL, XML, PHP, Perl, Ruby, .NET, shell scripting, Lisp, JavaScript, Expect, Assembly
  • databases: MySQL, DB2, Oracle, MS SQL
  • operating systems: Windows, OSX, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX
  • technologies: Salesforce, Apatar, Maximo, Rails, Tivoli Change/Release PMPs, HIPAA, JUnit, security compliance, CMVC, Eclipse & RAD, intrusion detection, log analysis, event processing, BPEL, business monitoring, CMS modification,
  • methodologies: Agile Development, SCRUM meetings, ITIL, Functional Verification Test, Systems Verification Test, Globalization Testing, Regression Testing

Publications & Patents

  • Retaining Learned Behavior During Real-Time Neuroevolution, 2005
    paper presented at the first Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment Conference
  • Tracking and analyzing intrusion attempts with WebIDS, 2003
    tutorial located at
  • Method and System for Using Modulo Arithmetic to Distribute Processing Over Multiple Processors, 2002
    patent application

Other Skills & Facts

  • Co-owner and the Artistic Director of The Hideout Theatre in downtown Austin, which specializes in improvised comedy and theatre.
  • Has taken numerous improv classes and workshops, and performed in over 1000 shows all over North America.
  • Improv has a direct, positive affect on communication skills, presentation skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, networking skills, and planning skills.

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