The Fall is Endless

by Roy Danger on January 14, 2012

I just had an idea for an improv show, and I want to write it down while it’s still fresh in my mind.

Actually, I’ve had the title for this show for a while. While PGraph was in Toronto, Mikaela (the lady Kaci and I stayed with) let us pick out buttons she had made from old comic book pages. The one I picked wasn’t of a super hero or anything like that. It just says “The Fall is Endless.”

I liked that so much that I decided an improv show should be called that, but until today I had no idea what it would be.

A rather morose idea came to me  while driving home.

The Fall is Endless

John, a young theatre director is in crisis when his fiance’ Miranda is found dead in her apartment from an apparent overdose of prescription medication. Unable to move on, he drags himself and his reluctant but supportive group of performers through the events of her life, both real and imagined. Using improvisation as a weapon and a magnifying glass, he tries to make sense of a seemingly senseless act.

Every evening explores different possibilities surrounding her death and examines different aspects of her character. But will any answers come of these sessions? Are they helpful or simply a destructive way of dwelling in the past? Can being caught up in a scene become so real that  John can meet Miranda again?


So that’s the idea. Obviously not a comedy show. And maybe too morose to stage effectively. But at least for the moment I’m a little bit in love with it.

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