Why Danger?

The short answer is that my wife and I have kicked around the idea of choosing a new last name for ourselves, and Danger is one of the top contenders. Seriously.

But that’s only the surface level. The real question is why should “Danger” resonate so strongly with us? Besides the fact that “Mr. and Mrs. Danger” sounds really cool, I mean. That explanation takes a little more time. But bear with me.

I started taking improv classes in 2004.

Improv teaches you how to listen, how to work with the ideas of other people (instead of knocking them down), how to be positive, and how to have a good time doing it.

But most importantly, improv teaches you to embrace the idea of risk and danger.

Not risk in a reckless way, but in the sense that:

  • You should always be pushing yourself.
  • You should never be so afraid to fail that you don’t try.
  • You should accept all challenges with enthusiasm and as an opportunity to learn.
  • You should be willing to go past your comfort zones, because it is then that you can achieve greatness.

So what does that mean for a lovable programmer and performer like myself?

It means not working at IBM or another large corporation anymore. It means striking out on my own to work with people on a more direct level, and working on projects that interest me.

It means taking more of the responsibility and risk into my own hands.

It means BUYING the downtown theater that I took improv classes at (along with 2 fabulous friends) and doing everything in my power to help it succeed.

It means shaping my life to be the life I want to live, and not just a life shaped by inertia.

It means living every day with a little more excitement, a little more risk, and a little more danger.

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